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NORCAN (Norway-Canada) is a partnership between schools, ministry and teacher federation officials from Alberta, Norway and Ontario. NORCAN team members are focused on enhancing excellence through equity in the subject area of mathematics.

NORCAN Research Question
How can an international network of schools and educators committed to mindful leadership help to identify obstacles to students' mathematical learning, and then develop strategies for attaining success?

Pereyma's Theory of Action
If we use research-based practices to nurture a growth mindset in students, staff and parents, then student achievement and perception will be enhanced.

Specifically, at Pereyma:
Teachers will collaborate to develop, implement and assess STEAM (Science Technology Engineering Arts Math) tasks that nurture and support student inquiry and the development of the mathematical processes.

Teachers will collaborate to refine their practice of using open and parallel tasks in the transitional math classroom.

Teachers will research how measurements of student learning, not performance, can be created, and how these measures can be used to drive student and teacher learning.

NORCAN Pereyma


Overall objectives include:

  • Develop teacher leadership
  • Support principals as instructional leaders
  • Encourage student leadership so that students become partners in their learning
  • Achieve excellence through equity
  • Provide high quality learning pathways
  • Mobilize school and community assets to support equity
  • Use technology to support equity, inclusiveness and to increase student engagement in learning

What NORCAN brings to Pereyma:
Over the next three years, students and staff will travel to Alberta and Norway on multiple occasions to develop and implement collaborative action research plans. Pereyma will share its commitment to excellence and equity on an international level by hosting students, teachers, and administrators from Norway and Alberta on a yearly basis. NORCAN also brings additional financial support over the next three years to be used at Pereyma for teacher inquiry, learning and sharing. Collaboration is critical to teacher learning. The NORCAN project will allow Canadian and Norwegian teachers connect to with one another and create learning plans. As they collaborate to explore and learn mathematics together, Pereyma students will connect with their peers in Alberta and Norway to develop their own global citizenship and 21st century learning skills.

       ​     Learning with NORCAN at Pereyma (November 2016).