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UP (Ultimate Potential) Math

Data speaks:
Since 2010, the Grade 9 Applied Math team has been working hard to share its growth mindset to support student excellence in Mathematics. Open and parallel tasks, an increased focus on problem solving, oracy, timely descriptive feedback and differentiated student products — all supported by iPad technology — have contributed, along with the UP Math program, to produce consistent achievement gains.

​We invite you to watch the following highlights and videos below:

             Pereyma's UP Math students describe their transformative experience in this innovative program.

             UP Math: Ultimate Potential Mathematics  by Apple Distinguished Educators.

             TeachOntario Talks Profile: Math Scores Soar with UP Math.

             Learn more about the UP MindShift: Gratitude Attitude on iTunes U.

​             UP Math growth mindset describing the impact of a growth mindset on student engagement and achievement.

​             Pereyma iPad Movie: Math classroom transformed by Apple technologies.

             UP Math @ Quest iTunes U Course.

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